Card Terminals

Customers are carrying less cash and expect to be able to pay by credit or debit card in a range of settings, so it is essential for merchants to offer card machines.

Wired machines that plug into a mains power socket are well suited to transactions where there is a fixed point of sale, for example at the counter in a retail store.

To make the transaction more convenient, wired machines can be used with a PIN pad, so that the card machine doesn’t have to be passed over to the customer.

Wired machines work using your existing telephone line or Broadband connection, so they need to be positioned close to your phone line or your router. Book a call back today so that we can discuss the suitability of wired machines for your business.

If your business is in the restaurant or hospitality industry and you don’t have a fixed point of sale, then our range of wireless machines might better suit your needs.

Wireless machines offer the same payment security as wired terminals, but because they use WiFi they remain connected to enable payments even when there is no fixed payment point.

This makes wireless machines ideal for merchants in the hospitality industry, for example in restaurants or café settings. Wireless machines are also convenient in stores that have multiple payment points.

Instead of having to queue to pay, customers can pay at their seats once you have handed the wireless machine to them. This not only makes the payment experience more convenient for the customer, but it helps to ensure that merchants secure every sale.

Because they rely on WiFi for connectivity, wireless machines need to be plugged into a router or a telephone line to dial out. Book a call back today so that we can discuss the suitability of wireless machines for your business.

Not all businesses are suited to wireless machines. In some instances, wired machines might be the best option.

If you run a business that requires staff to take payments at various locations, then mobile machines might be the best payment solution for your business.

Mobile machines use a roaming mobile connection, which means you never have to worry about the machine being out of range for processing a payment.

This means you can take payments wherever you are, at the customer’s door and at trade fairs, etc.

Our mobile machines accept all major credit and debit cards and offer the same security as wired and wireless machines.

Book a call back today so that we can discuss the suitability of mobile machines for your business.

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